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4th of July Backgammon

Get patriotic with 4th of July Backgammon. July 4th Backgammon is just like classic backgammon but with a fun USA theme dedicated to our Independence Day! Move stars around the 4th of July Backgammon board. Whoever gets around the board first wins!

Click the roll the dice button to get this 4th of July Backgammon party started! Move the star(s) you chose the number shown on the dice. You may stop in a spot with one opponent star, is empty, or has your stars on it already. Move your stars all the way around the backgammon board and bear them all off before your opponent to win! Try to keep all your stars doubled down because if not, your opponent may be able to land on that space and knock you back to the beginning!

4th of July Backgammon Strategy

  • Let the fireworks fly by knocking your backgammon opponent off the board!
  • Knock them off by landing in a spot with one of their stars.
  • 4th of July Backgammon can be played on many difficulty levels!
  • Expert Backgammon mode is ridiculously hard! Whoa!


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